Friday, January 8, 2010

Casting Couch... Have a seat...

Gay casting couch victims of Bollywood

We all have heard of casting couch practice in Bollywood & fashion industry. It is no more surprising or shocking. If you don’t have family connections or some godfather in film industry you cannot succeed.

Only way you can go up is by accepting the sexual demands or favors asked by big actors & directors.It has been alleged that many A-list heroines have gone through casting couch.

The rumor has it Ash, Rani, Preity have all been victims of casting couch. The tape released by India Today in Shakti Kapoor Casting couch case, Shakti Kapoor was shown saying that all the big actresses have slept with big directors to get good roles. He named Rani,

Ash & Preity.Now a new trend has crept up in industry & that is gay casting couch. People asking favors from male aspirant’s in lieu of giving them a chance in the film.

Well now with homosexuality being legalized & industry being populated by gay people, such instances have started occurring & coming in light more often.

For the first time gay couching case came to light with Sonu Nigam. The war between Sonu Nigam and Jha came out in the public when Jha started writing against the singer very often in various leading newspapers.

Sonu Nigam said in an interview with the news channel that he received many sms of Subhash K Jha asking for sexual motives.

Sonu Nigam said "There was a time when women were under constant sexual subjugation but now it’s the turn of the men to bear the brunt".

Sonu Nigam alleged Subhash K Jha of sexually harassing him.After this instance many models came out & related similar instances.

Model and actor Aryan Vaid boldly agreed to talk about his experiences. "I have been propositioned by one of Bollywood's biggest directors. I have been offered money to sleep with politicians by one of the biggest ever producers in Bollywood.

These things keep happening but no one forces you in the industry," he says. The director in question is famous for his top star cast and his movies almost always have an international element to them.

Dale Bhagwagar, who is publicist to the likes of Shilpa Shetty and Hrithik Roshan, says: "When people are in a position of power a world of opportunity is open to them. With beautiful people around, the couch is just another pleasure trip that many choose to take."

Next one to relate his experience was Sonu Sood.“I still remember how a model coordinator approached me and kept calling me till I told him I was not his cup of tea”, said sonu Sood, who played Abhishek Bachchans elder brother in Yuva and a parallel lead with Emraan Hashmi in Aashiq Banaya Aapne.

He played Aishwarya Rai's brother in Jodha Akbar.

Nigar Khans husband and actor Sahil Khan (who debuted in hit movie Style) was also approached by another coordinator during a party and promised a lead role if he compromised.

Model Sameer Soni who debuted with China Gate records an interesting instance "I have been propositioned but I have never been through it (the casting couch). He also worked in movies like Fashion & Baghban.

Such offers are often made by middlemen who just try to exploit the situation. In my case, someone threatened to ruin me but ultimately turned out to be a no body."

Many aspiring actors and models have had to engage in same sex activities with directors, model coordinators, fashion designers, producers and other Bollywood bigwigs in exchange for prominent roles.

While many in the industry continue to deny its existence, models Aashish Chaudhary and Rahul Dev, fashion designers Ravi Bajaj and Manish Malhotra and film columnist Bharati Pradhan have told media of the ubiquity of the gay casting couch.

Marc Robinson a model turned actor has suggested that many of the industry bigwigs like Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Mahesh Manjrekar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali might be involved in gay relationships referring to their "proximity to male friends".

TV artist Pankaj Sharma aka Bobby Darling was also been accused of sexual harassment by model Surjit Jagdish Singh. The actor had said that Bobby Darling promised him a few roles in return for sexual favors.

World class designer Rohit Bal has a different take on the whole casting couch issue. According to Rohit , of course there is a casting couch but it's always the other way round.

Which means he's not propositioning anyone, it's the aspiring models who offer (more like throw themselves at him - I've seen it) their services and more in the hope he'll give them a break on the ramp.

Arjun Ramphal in an interview said that the question about casting couch has been asked billions of times. “Let me tell you, that I never succumbed to any such pressures.

Success doesn’t come easy, so obviously like the female casting couch there is a male casting couch”.So it is nothing surprising or out of way for him.

According to many people it’s the price you have to pay for fame, name & money. If you have to succeed you have to this price & make small sacrifices.

The interesting thing to note is that whenever a person is asked about casting couch he accepts that it is present but at the same time denies succumbing to it. If all the people who made to the top denied it or didn’t succumb to it then why does it even exist in the industry?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

TYPE III - Naturally thin

Naturally this is simply FLAT all over..
and Smooooooooooth..

Me, being a waist guy, myself, love a guy with a waist to hold on to.. Just imagine sliding your hands around that smooth as butter skin..

On the other hand, I guess its a ready pick for bi's looking for that physically-feminine sexuality in their toy boys.. I would require you guess comment on this observation.

These are the guys that look cool in anything.. Particularly those loose jeans that is so far down their but crack you wonder why they bothered wearing it in the first place.. I always wondered how it stayed up there till I got my revolution with a date some time back.. You may have heard the saying .. slim guys have long.... well... You get by drift (wink)

Mango would predict theses guys to be too easy going.. it would probably stems from their lack of struggle towards anything, whether it may be diet, weight issues, clothes.. or even men

Speaking of Narcissus ...

In our journey through the MANGO CULTURE of the world, I decided to introduce some curious facts of history to both, increase you GQ (gay Quotient) and Probably start you on some new fantasies.. lol

This is the legend of the the famous NARCISSUS from where springs the term ' Narcissism' which means self obsession. Interestingly, this rather common term has a gay twist to it .. Read on..

The Legend is about NARCISSUS ( a beautiful boy ) and an nymph called ECHO. When he had reached "his sixteenth year", (fifteen years of age, by modern reckoning) every youth and girl in the town was in love with him, but he haughtily spurned them all.

One day when Narcissus was out hunting stags, Echo ,a nymph, stealthily followed the handsome youth through the woods, longing to address him but unable to speak first. When Narcissus finally heard footsteps and shouted "Who's there?", Echo answered "Who's there?" And so it went, until finally Echo showed herself and rushed to embrace the lovely youth. He pulled away from the nymph and vainly told her to leave him alone. Narcissus left Echo heartbroken and she spent the rest of her life in lonely glens, pining away for the love she never knew, until only her voice remained.

Nemesis (a GOD) heard this prayer and sent Narcissus his punishment. He came across a deep pool in a forest, from which he took a drink. As he did, he saw his reflection for the first time in his life and fell in love with the beautiful boy he was looking at, not realizing it was himself. Eventually, after pining away for a while, he realized that the image he saw in the pool was a reflection of himself. Realizing that he could not act upon this love, he tore at his dress and beat at his body, his life force draining out of him. As he died, the bodyless Echo came upon him and felt sorrow and pity. His soul was sent to "the darkest hell" and the narcissus flower grew where he died. It is said that Narcissus still keeps gazing on his image in the waters of the river Styx.

The Narcissus plant first sprang from where he died.

Narcissus is the botanic name for a genus of mainly hardy, mostly spring-flowering, bulbs in the Amaryllis family native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. There are also several Narcissus species that bloom in the autumn. Daffodil is a common English name !!


THE BUFF and the Beautiful.. But beauty is only skin deep..

The second type of Gays is the type that are gym freaks.. The buff Bod is the muscular, weightlifter's body that has been shaped & refined through hours of blood, sweat & tears in Gyms.

A buff bod is never a result of the honest innocent participation in ordinary sports or athletics, such as basket ball, foot ball or hockey.. It is a MANUFACTURED body, created by thousands of man (or girly) hours of back breaking bench presses, flyes, butterfly curls etc etc.. Although the physical routine is exhausting, each workout is rewarded with a chance to check out the object of one's lubricious affections in the showers or working out on the station across you, in order to ascertain whether he has the necessary qualifications to be shagged.

Sadly, what is precious , must be rare.. The exquisite must not be 'common folk'.. But the buff bod is a common sight these days.. MANGO somehow feels that these bods are good just to ogle over, but too delicate to touch (in a strange way) . These are guys that would give Narcissus a complex.. Sadly, these are guys who would rather look at themselves during sex than their partner.. Yup.. superficial, so full of attitude and , un-dependable... Sigh! ! Why Why Why !!!

But true...

So Fellow Mangoes, if you have buff and he is good to you, THANK YOUR STARS, for these guys hard to come by.. For the faint hearted.. just window shop, boys.. Look , but NEVER touch..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1 . THE COWBOY - Tries toooo Hard

MANGO would like to share this interesting quest into the types of gay guys there are.. FYI, its research for a novel I'm working on .. As I browsed through the WWW to shape my characters, I was confronted by these 'classifications' made of the different type of gay guys based on their looks..

Although the US-version as an nasty as usual. I decided to add my own bit of indianization to mellow it down a bit.

NOTE : pictures are merely a representation, and may not ( or may (wink) ) suggest the celeb's sexuality..

Observations : Do join me is perusing through what these body types are trying to convey or look for.. It might just make interesting reading.. or better yet, you might just find what YOU are looking for !! Enjoy ..



Probably our first every fantasy.. A suave 'hero' on horse back.. Jeans, stubble, Cigarette, and shiny leather pants.. The likes of Dharmendra, Sunil Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Akki ( pre wax days).. walking in and sweeping you off your feet.. or better yet.. taking your captive and fking your brains out !! .. Well, not harm dreaming right .. MANGO loves these guys, but seriously, I do feel that they try too heard to grab attention.. So the next time you see a guy sporting the ' cowboy hat.. you know what type (of them )you are looking at..

Dare I introduce, India's latest Cowboy ...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Kind's SEXY - RG

MANGO thinks that this guy is really cute , just like his dad. Although we wish with our whole heart that he is gay, Time only has to tell... However, we will just have to let pics speak for them selves..

Mumbai: Rahul Gandhi emerged as a youth icon during the General Elections with even Prime Minster Manmohan Singh acknowledging his contribution to the Congress' thumping victory.

But it isn't only the youth that are looking to him for a voice. The country's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) community voted overwhelmingly for the Congress hoping that young Rahul would take up their cause.

"He's really cute... he's so good looking and young. He's like the Ranbir Kapoor of Indian politics. He has all the charm and he didn't even have to drop a towel," says gay rights activist Harish Iyer.

But critics say it's just a passing phase and that the support has more to do with Rahul's charisma than his performance.

"We cannot just trust them just because Rahul is good looking. He has to prove himself," says Nitin Karani, Editor-at-Large of Bombay Dost.

Naz Foundation founder and Executive Director Anjali Gopalan says, "There is this honesty that sort of shines across... but I hope that is real."

With the annual gay pride parades still not receiving support outside some key metros it looks like an uphill task for the rainbow brigade.

But their optimism runs high.

"He's still single and he is 38-39...and he has cute dimples and so do I. So he has tough competition," points out Harish Iyer.

It would be interesting to see if their dimpled icon actually proves to be their knight in shining armour.

(With inputs from Shambhavi Rai and Sholeen Damarwala)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Onam !

Mango loves mallu guys.. Lean mean.. and long in between !!

Wish all mallus out there a wonderful Onam..